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Matthew Cabe – Matthew is dangerously obsessed with movies. He works tirelessly to update Scene Too Many Movies and his less-structured blog, General Narrator, as regularly as possible. Matthew is a staff writer at the Daily Press and contributed to the now extinct PMc Magazine. A few movies he’ll never stop watching are Woody Allen’s Manhattan, Buster Keaton’s The General, and David Lynch’s Eraserhead. Reach him on Twitter @DP_MatthewCabe.


Jessica Mathers – Our reluctant reviewer, Jessica isn’t exactly gung-ho when it comes to a love for movies. What she has though is a critical mind that allows her to see past contrivances, which offers her a unique insight into any film on the off chance she ventures out to see them. Some of her favorite movies are Richard Linklater’s Before Sunset, Mike Nichols’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, and Richard Benjamin’s The Money Pit. Reach her on Twitter @onelasturge.